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Calvin S. Hue

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A life-long learner interested in everything cloud. Computer Engineering @ CMU

Jerome Depotter

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Innovative software engineer, Dynamic communications skills, Known for excellent troubleshooting skills, Continuous improvement and predicting customer’s needs

Swaty Gupta

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Europe strategy role with large MNC. Results-oriented, and driven. Promoted 5 times with Schlumberger. 1 year startup exp with Treebo

Shavkat Khalikov

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Founder of repma.org• Worked at @Schlumberger

Brandy Lamm

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Ankita Satpathy

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Matthew Lotocki

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Worked at Schlumberger, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. Went to Princeton University

Qarnain Foda

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MBA, 10 years upstream Oil and Gas experience in consulting, procurement, sourcing, supply chain operations management, project management, and technical sales.

Amiril Mukminin Lubis

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Worked at BHGE, Schlumberger. Experience with English language, Electronics, Email

Wendy Wempe

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Founder Science Fair Fun • Worked at @Schlumberger, @University of Colorado-Boulder

Dep Trai

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Srivathsan Vuruputoor

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R & D Engineer- Schlumberger (March 2016-present) Engineering Technical Development Program (July 2014- March 2016)

Neel Sharma

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Business Analyst |Data Analyst | MBA Minor | SQL | Excel | Python

Edna Mondragon

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Worked at Schlumberger

Gladys Elvira Wiranata

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Board members and advisors

Daniel Serrano

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Worked at Areas Of Competition. Experience with Advertising, Bilingual, Customer Service. Went to Universidad Del Rosario

Peter Day

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Angel Investor | CEO | Management Consulting | Built Petronor to 30+million | Bootstrap financed Iraq Energy City | 20 years Schlumberger
Software Engineer & Consultant. Pragmatic Agile/Lean/Scrum training & coaching. Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) Special projects. Owner of SourceCell.

Former team

Nandhini Botta

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Samantha Sunny

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Niko Morozov

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Akshay Kumar Aggarwal

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Reuben Zotz-wilson

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Naser Imran Hossain

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