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Shared Mobility for Urban Waterways

Shared Mobility for Urban Waterways

There are 1 billion bikes built for land on a planet that is more than 2/3 water. Schiller Bikes designs and manufactures the world's best water bike.

Merging modern design, technology, and engineering, the Schiller S1 delivers all the virtues and joys of cycling out in an aquatic environment. A combination of premium bike and ultra-portable catamaran, the S1 bike is fast, dynamic, safe and stable out in open water, yet compact enough to store in a city apartment. Built for salt-water environments, the S1 lets people of all athletic abilities enjoy an amazing cycling experience free of cars, bike lanes, bad drivers and paddles. And like every bike on planet earth, it has a saddle, handlebars, cranks and pedals - all of which are standard bike components and easy to customize. Only this bike has no rubber and needs no road. With a proprietary drive train featuring Gates Carbon Drive Belts, you simply pedal in order to spin the propeller and create forward movement.
Jessica is the first person in history to bike from Oakland to SF and is pioneering a new frontier in micro-mobility on the water.

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