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Android Engineer

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You will be the only Android engineer when you start. While you will take the lead in making most of the engineering decisions, collaboration remains a big part of your day-to-day. You will find yourself, for example, spending significant time communicating with your iOS counterpart to maintain a compatible feature set, with our support team to resolve with issues, and with the entire team on product roadmap discussions.

We keep track of progress through a loose kanban/loose agile project management approach. Each engineer is responsible for breaking down the tasks of their current project(s), laying out what they plan to implement in the cycle to-do list, and moving the task to “in-flight” when they are actively working on it.

Your first two challenges in this position are to:

* Stabilize and improve critical functionality in the existing android app.
* Implement an automated build system for the Android app using iOS implementation as a rough reference.

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