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Monthly subscription service that revolutionizes the way we discover fragrance and beauty.



Sergey Gusev

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Entrepreneur, co-founder @Scentbird head of product, design and growth hacker. YC S15, #500 STRONG

Mariya Nurislamova

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Founder of @Scentbird, @Beta Week, @Neuvey.com. Perfume blogger. Macaron lover.

Andrei Rebrov

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CTO of Scentbird. AgileEngineering Coach. Space Exploration Fan. Worked with UBS, Avis UK, Alfabank. Founder of Russian Craftsmanship Community


Valeriia Kurtseva

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Went to Saint Petersburg State University, National Research University Higher School Of Economics

Bobby Rios

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Ivan Vasilev

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Product designer/Design director with more than 15 years of experience in digital product design (UX/UI), advertising and branding. http://rockbee.com/

Sergey Dubinin

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Java EE, Spring framework, MyBatis, Hibernate, Oracle, PostgreSQL. 3 years in OO development. Strong technical background. Master degree. PM experience.

Arielle Dadamo

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Worked at Scentbird

Oleg Popov

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Head of Growth at Scentbird.

Board members and advisors

Partner at @Y Combinator. Founded @Wufoo (Acquired by @SurveyMonkey).

Igor Shoifot

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Partner at TMT Investments, entrepreneur, teacher (Berkeley, NYU, UCSF, Stanford), chairman at incubators: California in Ukraine, HappyFarm, TechNation. Author.

Former team

Dana Karlson

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Leila Nobatova

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Dawn Baker

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Marya Zymovets

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Katie Paulson

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Andre Remati

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