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Discover, understand, and connect with more of the people who matter.

Discover, understand, and connect with more of the people who matter.

Scale Model is a new data product launched out of betaworks. Using graph theory, machine learning and AI techniques we’ve built a robust solution for data segmentation. When applied to social data, Scale Model generates unique user cohorts, used for both audience intelligence as well as dynamic ad targeting (showing abnormally good results). When ingesting internal company data, the system can run similar segmentation, informing product launches, personalized recommendations, internal company analytics, and more.

We’ve spent the past two years incubating the technology and developing the underlying methodology at betaworks. We have gotten significant interest from journalists and press, and written pieces featured in Fortune and Wired. We also have great early traction with brands for our SaaS product, as both Gates Foundation and Accenture are early paying clients.
Chief Data Scientist @Betaworks, co-founder @Scale Model | Adjunct Professor @NYU | @POYNTER & Tow-Knight advisory board | ex-SocialFlow, Microsoft, Endemol
Launched 2 successful businesses; one in college (BtownMenus.com) & Jibe.com, venture-backed NYC SaaS in the HR space. Now running company @ Betaworks as CEO.

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