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Scalar Labs partners with ambitious entrepreneurs as they begin their journey from idea to startup. Scalar Labs was founded in 2016 by Taher Haveliwala and Glen Jeh, entrepreneurs who sold their search startup to Google in 2003 where they drove the development of personalization. As former Stanford grad students who never thought of becoming entrepreneurs without the support of our professors and ex-entrepreneur VC's, we realize that often times even a great team and idea needs a kickstart in the right direction. At Scalar Labs, our mission is to provide that kick to the next generation of entrepreneurs-to-be. We work with cofounders and in the initial stages from when problems are identified, to when a team has engineered a workable solution and established product-market-fit. Effectively serving as a virtual cofounder as well as seed investor, we help talented teams turn ideas into startups.

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Founder @Kaltix (acquired by @Google in 2003). @Stanford University CS PhD. Angel Investor.

Glen Jeh

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Founder @Kaltix (acquired by @Google) Software engineer, entrepreneur, angel investor.