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Language AI for Emerging Markets

Language AI for Emerging Markets

At Mosaix, we are building advanced Language AI that seeks to understand user questions and to deliver answers that are personalized and efficient. The company is founded by experts from Google, Snapchat, Apple, Yahoo and Cisco with expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Knowledge Graphs, Search, Question Answering, and Semantics.

Our product, Mosaix (api.mosaix.ai/docs) is a cloud-based, semantic search engine that helps developers and enterprise companies to embrace voice AI in their products globally.

Senior Mobile Software Engineer (Android)

Roger Luo

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Co-founder Stealth Startup • Co-founder @Mosaix • Worked at @Snapchat & @Yahoo Labs • PhD in Machine Learning @EPFL
Co-founder of @Mosaix • Engineer build things with AI+SW+HW • Worked @Cisco core routing • Studied at @SUNY Buffalo and @Y Combinator
Co-founder @Mosaix • Worked at @Apple Studied at @Y Combinator @Wuhan University