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Coaching for the rest of us

Coaching for the rest of us

Sayge’s platform enables companies to attract, grow and retain more of the best employees by democratizing access to premium professional development coaches.

We’re demystifying and democratizing coaching – making it easy for companies to give their employees ongoing access to their very own professional development coach – because we believe that all of us (not just executives) can benefit from coaching.

We believe that employee-first companies are the companies that win. We believe that when a company invests in its people, it’s making an investment in its business that will pay itself back many times over. Because we believe these things, we created Sayge.

Companies like Figliulo&Partners, Grace Blue and Tribal Worldwide already trust us to help them build employee-first cultures for happier, more engaged and more productive employees.

Find out more about how Sayge can help your people and your business thrive by contacting us or visiting hellosayge.com.

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Katie Stricker

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I work with businesses and people who want and believe that change is possible, and who are excited about doing the work to move forward and create success.
CEO & Co-founder at Sayge, helping companies attract, grow and retain more of the best employees.