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At Saxton International we have an in-depth broad outlook and understanding of the doing business in the Asian market especially for Brands/ Multi nationals firms and entrepreneurs who would like to scale up their business services and product sales in the Technology / SaaS Industry/ E-commerce & Drop-shipping/ Import and Export Service related - Entertainment/ Restaurant and Hospitality Industry. We mitigate the risk and advise clients looking to outsource goods and products by giving clients the best suppliers we have good collaboration relationships over the years. We consult for niche brands and startup firms that are looking to venture into the Asian market (China) in any industry. We also help entrepreneurs to get an opportunity to join our firm, grow and experience the power of expansion through introduction of the Tech products. We value honesty, integrity, value and highly innovative quality service and products. We always to aspire to go over and beyond to help our clients succeed.
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Head of Business Development - Tech Projects

Posted 4 months ago

Saxton International is searching for a highly skilled, passionate and experienced tech driven individual with a passion for entrepreneurship to solve mankinds everyday problems using technology.
A full stack engineer topped up with mobile development valueable experience and skills so as to work...