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Corporate finance for blockchain innovators

Corporate finance for blockchain innovators

Saxon Advisors is a London-based corporate finance boutique that specialises in blockchain and digital assets.

We help fast-growing digital asset businesses to raise capital from institutional investors.

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Investment trends in crypto: the rise of venture capital

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  • 3 months ago
  • It's a series of articles, where the author breaks down the crypto venture capital market. The series has been written primarily for tech VCs (venture capitalists) that are considering crypto and its role in their fund’s strategy.
  • Blockchain and crypto businesses raised a total of $4.5Bn across all financing types in 2019, ~70% less than was raised in 2018. The main cause of this fall was a drop in crypto-asset led fundraising.
  • Only 309 crypto-asset sales took place, raising $1.8bn (~80% less than in 2018). It is unclear which investors were partaking in these funding activities; however, it's believed that the majority are still retail investors.
  • Meanwhile, equity funding grew in importance. In 2019 it accounted for 678 funding rounds, raising a total of $2.7Bn, with participation from 997 accredited investors.
Investment trends in crypto: the rise of venture capital

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