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The all-in-one multi-currency crypto wallet helping consumers and businesses



Tushar Singh

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Co-Founder, https://t.co/wsMt3dlh2b

Conor Sweeney

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Someone who understands that when a project gets difficult, the only way through is a comprehensive understanding of the technical and psychological challenges.

Ivan Semin

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More than 15 years in software and web development, with focus on e-commerce, blockchain and crypto. Keen to create the best products on the market.

Ellena Ingles

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Personal Assistant to CEO at Savvy

Federico Martín Alconada Verzini

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Ms. Computer Science. Software Engineer.

Beto Muniz

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I'm software engineer since 2011 with experience with a variety of teams, companies, projects, and markets.

Ilya Aleshev

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Frontend developer with 7+ years of web development experience

Dmitriy Kataskin

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Dmitriy Krishtal

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Former team

Mark Pedro

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Zach Weber

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Sina Samavati

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Oleg Ivanov

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Mina Ghabrial

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