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Our team We are building our founding team and hiring across all functions. Our team’s experience includes leading the insurance team at Primer AI, leading engineering at Inkling, and working with industry leaders at McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, and TPG. We come from diverse backgrounds and institutions, including Stanford, Princeton, and Dartmouth. Where we are Having launched in early 2020, we are seeing rapid weekly growth and are hiring to continue accelerating our growth. We are backed by Y Combinator, Precursor Ventures, and notable industry angels such as the founders of Indeed, Earnest, and One Medical. Join us! Employers want their employees to be happy, healthy, and protected but don’t want to bear the burden of navigating and administering complex and highly-regulated healthcare. Employees want and deserve better healthcare options. Savvy gives employees control over their health insurance choices while removing employers from the middle. We are building the foundation for a consumer-first healthcare system. The opportunity in front of us is immense and we invite you to join us!
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Posted 4 months ago

Savvy is solving one of the fundamental issues with US healthcare - employer-sponsored health insurance. In the US, your employer chooses your healthcare.