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Earn bitcoin playing games

Earn bitcoin playing games

Satoshis Games is changing the gaming industry by creating an ultimate platform based on Lightning Network (Bitcoin protocol update) where gamers get paid while/for playing with no ads, no user registration, and no gambling. After creating the platform satoshis.games, the first web based gaming platform using Lightning Network, the company is now creating the best ever game using liquid in-game rewards: LightNite. A battle royale game where players can earn bitcoin, buy and sell assets and cash out their earnings anytime. All with top quality gaming experience. We believe in the power of microtransactions to generate value with a different approach for competitive gaming experiences. Feel free to ask why we want to change the gaming industry!

Unity3D developer

Senior Unity Programmer

SENIOR Full Stack for gaming Platform (no agencies)

Carlos Borlado

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Founder @Discovery Block • Worked at @The Open University, @PERA Group, Innovation Partner at @Altran Spain . PhD in Simulation & Physics