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Minh Thu Dang

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Executive Assistant @SatoshiPay

Sara Riahi

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Projektmanagement HR & Recruiting at interim Group

Torsten Stüber

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Anna Mehrlaender

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previous: Business Development @PayPal (London) Date Researcher @TAB (Cambridge)

Erasmus Hagen

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Board members and advisors

Pioneer investor in Blockchain & Bitcoin startups: CEO & co-founder @Coinsilium Group ; Co-founder @Seedcoin ; Investor and Advisor to ICOs / Token sales. Speaker.

Kilian Thalhammer

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MD@Pearlscout Advisor and Investor in FinTech topics and companies Member of Paymentandbanking

Former team

Judith Groechenig

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Piotr Kuczynski

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Levin Keller

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