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Autonomous energy management system that eliminates behavioral energy waste

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Backed by BMW MINI and partnered with TP-Link, Sapient is the first energy management system to address the problem of waste at the outlet. The energy/building management system industry is decades behind the state of the art, and Sapient intends to change that.

We are a team of engineers, designers, and creatives. Our team believes that ensuring a quality of life for ourselves and our families is fundamental to building the ideas that will change the world. For that reason, we provide:

- Top-tier medical, eye, dental, and life insurance
- 5 weeks of paid vacation
- Paid paternity and maternity leave
- 3.5 day in-office work weeks

Lastly, we hire the best and brightest so that they can tell us what to do, not the other way around. Founded by an engineer and economist in the academic sphere, Sapient (as the name might also suggest) prioritizes exploration and learning above all else. We believe that as Sapient grows because of the skills and contributions from its team, our team should grow as engineers, managers, and people as well.