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Golden Apple Ventures

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Early Stage Angel Group

Jeff Kurtzman

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Co-Founder - Bark Social, Former Managing Director @ Evergreen Advisors, Co-Founder and Former CFO of @Better World Books, Former CEO @ Aid Through Trade.

Tom Arrix

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Co-Founder of Lift ACM Partners - Business Building & Talent Advisory. Connecting ideas & Marketers. Facebook - VP/Global Marketing Solutions NA (2006 - 2013).

Sam Meek

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Born: 11/1183 Raised: Sun Valley, ID High School: Salisbury School Joined the Marine Corps in 2002, 5 years, two Iraq vacations 2007 Wall Street 2012 Sandboxx

Swamy R

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An entrepreneur since the age of 14, Swamy is a leadership mentor and technology evangelist focusing on team dynamics, radical candor, and strategic culture.

Tom Joyce

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