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Nutragoat is a first of its kind, innovative, eco-friendly, farm to plate venture, which brings the hitherto neglected goat dairy farmers into the mainstream; thus taking prosperity to the rural doorstep. The root of our innovation is in providing an all natural source of low lactose and A2 protein milk. We are utilizing goat milk completely to create a diverse array of products ranging from pasteurized milk, flavored milk, smoothies, various types of cheeses and yogurts and utilizing goat whey to create soaps and health drinks, thus zero waste generation. Along with this, we also tend to improve various other aspects of this market such as; creating high-quality goat cheeses to act as a replacement goods for various preservative loaded imported cheeses. While doing this, among other things, we create employment opportunities for women in rural India. Our interaction with the farmers has brought us to the understanding that there is also willingness in the farmers to improve their existing pedigree of goats if they are provided with an assured, sustainable income. Moreover, this project is based on public sourcing of goat’s milk and according to both, 18th and 19th livestock census goats rank second in numbers only to cattle. Although, it's relatively easier to rear and has huge urban demand only the potential for meat is tapped, whereas that of milk is not. On the other hand, studies show that almost 70% of Indians have some sort of partial lactose intolerance to cow’s milk.This coupled with the presence of numerous benefits in goats milk creates a huge demand for Goat milk products which is not being fulfilled. Nutragoat tends to bridge this demand-supply gap and create an industry of scale, which benefits the trifecta of herders, consumers, and the processor.
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