Aidan Gould

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Currently at San Francisco Public School's Technology Department. Passionate about products to scalably impact educational attainment and career success.

Jared Joiner

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@Harvard University Neuroscience & Education, @Washington University in Saint Louis Neuroscience, Strategy @Boston Public Schools , Product Mgmt @Sokikom

Jennifer Schalk

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Self-directed administrator, teacher, and generalist with a unique and powerful merger of stand-alone skill sets in various capacities.

Diana P Dorantes

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Thirteen years’ experience working as an administrative assistant

Jenna Kleine

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Kyle DePasquale

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Experienced educational technologist
Mathematics Instructor, Lecturer on Statistics and Probability Education, MA, Strong Interest in Fashion Merchandising and Entrepreneurship

Former team

Danielle Cleaver

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Jayson Fetterley

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Christina Tran

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Amelia Lombard

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Angeline Capati

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Steve Hall

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