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Sr. Developer Evangelist - AR

$150k – $200k • No equity
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Samsung Next is building Whare, the AR cloud to enable a new generation of augmented reality applications. We are rapidly growing our team in San Mateo, California, to build cross-platform developer services that will power multi-user, shared AR experiences and applications at scale. This infrastructure will support all developers in the AR community with a shared global management platform for AR assets.

We are looking for a Developer Evangelist to help us share the story about our platform, drive adoption and support developers in their journey. The Evangelist will work with our product, marketing, design and engineering teams to make the Whare AR Cloud platform a world-class experience. This role will be key for bringing valuable feedback that will drive the future direction of our platform.


As a developer evangelist, you will be serving in any number of different capacities:

Evangelizing at the local, national, and international developer and maker events. This might include speaking at these events, organizing developer workshops, performing demos, participating in panel discussions, etc.

Creating technical content including video tutorials for publication on our blog and other channels to show developers how to implement entirely new kinds of AR apps with our platform.

Educating and empowering developers, organizing online technical workshops and brown bags.

Writing production-quality code in C#, C++ to resolve key customer issues, sample applications, examples, sales demos and other projects.

Building partnerships with individuals, companies, and organizations that serve the same communities we do.

Connecting and networking with all customer personas to understand their needs as well as their feedback to inform Product decisions.

Supporting all customer personas wherever they are - on forums, social media, events, and everywhere in between.

Other skills that are great to bring with you but we can also help you develop include:

Leadership and service in developer communities.

Technical writing skills as demonstrated via blog posts and other written work.

Willingness to take the stage is essential for inspiring developers. A developer evangelist needs to deliver presentations that are effective and respectful of an audience's time and attention.


Augmented Reality background - Experience building Augmented Reality applications, working with 3D objects and familiarity with developer issues in this space is highly desirable.

Experience coding in C#/C++ and experience with Unity is a big plus.

Solid and diverse engineering skills - If you were writing code full time, you would be a great performer. You have probably maintained a non-trivial project in production and understand the joys and risks involved.

A knack for teaching technical concepts - Whether as an instructor, mentor, or peer, you’ve discovered that when it comes to teaching the keys to success are empathy, patience, and attention to detail

Friendly and approachable - We find these people do well as the teachers and teammates we are looking for

Application notes:

Please include a cover letter along with your resume, describing why you believe you would be a great fit for the team.
Links to other websites and resources where we might learn more about you (GitHub, Unity forums, AR/VR slack channels, Kaggle, Personal Blog, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Deviant Art portfolio, etc.).

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