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Data driven sales acceleration which brings you to a new era in lead discovery.



Jurjen Rammeloo

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Former lawyer that found his passion for mobile design 5 years ago. Excellent communication skills and a lot of experience in working with developer teams.

    Jeroen Ponsioen

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    @Salestack we're shifting the lead discovery process by 180 degrees by bringing our clients interested leads instead of them spending huge amounts prospecting.


    Bodi Huisman

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    Went to Universiteit Van Amsterdam

    Board members and advisors

    With a strong tech background combined with a sound commercial business mindset, I like to apply strategic thinking based on an analytic & data-driven approach.
    Helping out companies in marketing, ecommerce and general management.
    Passionate about Tech, Internet, and gadgets. Msc in Law. Lived in 10 countries. Not your typical French guy.
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