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Data driven sales acceleration which brings you to a new era in lead discovery.

Data driven sales acceleration which brings you to a new era in lead discovery.

Describing their ideal prospect is not an easy task for the majority of our clients. From the first step in our process we start the interaction on an automated and intuitive manner to define a ’Lead Profile’ for the type of customers they are looking. By doing so, we discover our client’s real needs when it comes to prospecting.

When they have created a lead profile we have a clear scope of the client's needs. We then present a tailored estimate that contains the amount of leads we can deliver, the pricing and delivery. When our client accepts the estimate he can start requesting leads. If for any reason the estimate didn’t fulfill his expectations, our client can adjust their Lead Profile and receive a new estimate.

When our client requests leads we start cross-referencing all the best data sources available, based on their Lead Profile. Our client can select the leads they are willing to take action on and by doing so, jumping into the fun part of sales; closing deals.

Jurjen Rammeloo

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Former lawyer that found his passion for mobile design 5 years ago. Excellent communication skills and a lot of experience in working with developer teams.

Jeroen Ponsioen

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@Salestack we're shifting the lead discovery process by 180 degrees by bringing our clients interested leads instead of them spending huge amounts prospecting.

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