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Sales productivity tool for LinkedIn

Sales productivity tool for LinkedIn

During current direct sales pipeline on LinkedIn salespeople have to use different tools to communicate with different prospects (InMail, email, Skype etc). This results in time-wasting and hard to manage chaos in communication process with numerous problems.

Our product centralizes communication between salespeople and their prospects during direct sales on LinkedIn in one place, making it simpler, easily manageable and less time consuming.
It saves time of our users and allows them to win more deals.

Basic «how it works»:
- salesperson creates proposal page with product/service description;
- finds right prospects via LinkedIn advanced search and sends them InMails with short description and link to the proposal page;
- communicates with those prospects who followed the link in chat-like realtime, right on the proposal page;
- both proposal pages and chat have multimedia content support;
- no registration required - only LinkedIn account is necessary to communicate.
Co-founder and CMO of @SalePowers - Sales productivity tool for Linkedin

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