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Automated payroll across borders

Automated payroll across borders

Salarium is a complete automatic payroll solution targeting all 5 aspects of payroll. Time & Attendance: We have 5 different time entry methods including fingerprint biometric devices which pair by bluetooth to Android and IOS devices Payroll processing: Handling complex custom payroll for 1,000s of employee in minutes. Expense reimbursement: Expensify like functions which allow employees to submit expenses with receipts for reimbursement in payroll. Disbursement: Salarium will be introducing a SAL Pay wallet with prepaid Mastercard program to allow companies to instantly pay their employees directly through the system. Government Compliance: Salarium automatically generates mandatory government reports and pairs with a partner network for clients to have freedom of choice of their supplier. Salarium is built for SMEs operating in one country and for MNCs operating around the world.

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