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We help save sailor lives at Sea with Genesis" Boat in a Box"

We help save sailor lives at Sea with Genesis" Boat in a Box"

Sagar Defence Engineering(SDE) created an innovative Autonomous Navigation System, called Genesis - Boat in a Box. Genesis utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform a repetitive and quantifiable marine task than direct human control. Genesis is a step beyond current unmanned systems dynamic positioning (DP). Vessel-based sensors and proprietary hardware, algorithms to give the watercraft a degree of self-awareness, enabling it to efficiently self-motor from point-to-point while avoiding active & passive obstacles or collaborate in tandem with another vessel.
The product can be a new unmanned system or retrofitting an existing system with technology. Utilization of AI allows Genesis to increase the productivity of certain applications like survey, security, and Oil Spill skimming inspections by four times. It reduces Capex by 60% for Unmanned vessel applications & allows smooth integration of existing vessel tonnage into the age of Autonomous shipping.

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