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Technical Account Manager

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The role: Technical Account Manager
Our brand promise to provide exceptional customer service - and this is the ultimate goal of a Technical Account Manager. We believe user experience matters—a lot. As does customer service. Our team is devoted to making sure the customer experience with Safi is truly exceptional. In short, Safi just works.

The Technical Account Manager’s primary role is to ensure customers - both prospective and active - are getting the maximum value from Safi as measured by energy savings and customer satisfaction.

Working directly with the Commercial Operations Manager, work is expected to include: performing energy assessments in factories, delivering product demos, identifying ways Safi’s solution can drive value and address problems for the factory team, measuring and projecting savings, making data-based custom recommendations + spending time in the field with customers.

Success in this role will require a deep understanding of Safi’s technical sales and installation strategy; strong, ongoing relationships; robust customer communication; proactive Safi-based solutions to customer problems; and the use of engineering and technical skills to meet customer needs. This role could start as early as June 17th, and can provide the opportunity for significant growth with the company if desired.

What you do
* Build exceptional relationships with customers to maximize energy savings and drive productivity so our factory customers can achieve clean, smart growth -- all while ensuring the highest satisfaction ratings possible;
* Understand the customer's energy requirements and identify any required customization to maximize their savings;
*Support and understand the hardware installation procedure and Safi’s platform that monitors and alerts customers on energy usage and savings;
* Train customers to use products effectively in order to maximize value out of the Safi system;
* Communicate and connect with customers regularly to achieve the highest customer satisfaction and drive customer retention;
* Resolve customer challenges in a timely manner and escalate as needed;
* Provide trial and existing customers frequent progress reports and results of system use through a variety of means: written format, oral presentation, visually etc.;
* Establish best practices in customer success and track performance metrics;
* Liase with the sales team to provide inputs for improvements in the sales and marketing strategy, customer acquisition strategy based on customer feedback and experience during trial period;
* Acquire a deep understanding of the product to solve key problems and properly troubleshoot in order to improve the software and identify potential new features or products;
* Identify solutions to reduce customer support costs

* Experience with - and unwavering commitment to - exceptional customer service
* 2-4 years of demonstrated experience in account management and/or supporting technical team’s related to industrial operations, machinery, and/or electrical systems
* Love problem solving and apply a holistic approach to it - combine customer empathy + data to drive behavior change
* Excellent interpersonal, analytical, and communication skills, with the ability to work with all team members working at factories (e.g. owners, factory managers, engineers, maintenance + data entry staff)
* Experience filtering customer feedback and appropriately prioritize needs, or parallel experience
* Ability to teach others in a clear and effective manner, adapting to learning styles and client needs in real time
* Strong computer skills and experience with Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word), Google Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc. and comfortable using new technology tools (Slack, Trello).
* Team oriented, while being proactive and self-directed - need to be able to craft and drive projects that include multiple areas of the organization. Being a great teammate who can manage in a changing environment with a focus on customer success is essential to success in this role.
* Evidence of operating swiftly amidst ambiguity, displaying capacity to adapt to the changing requirements of a fast-growing company. Being able to prioritize, take initiative, communicate clearly, and manage many projects and workstreams is critical. We work in a constantly changing environment that demands flexibility, good humor, and a willingness to pitch in and support our teammates.
* Eager to bring radical candor to work and enthusiastic about organizational culture: excited to challenge yourself and your teammates, and both give and receive feedback.

Nice to have
* Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or related field; or 4+ years related experience or training
* Background knowledge of factories
* Familiarity with design thinking tools
* Startup environment experience
* SaaS / PaaS or big data sales experience
* Background and training in ICT preferred
* Certified energy auditor status

To apply
* Submit your information this form: bit.ly/2I5iT0B. We will email you if you are selected for an interview.

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