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Safewill is an innovative company dedicated to redefining the way that Australian's think about death and estate planning. Our platform combines modern design and technology to allow Australians to write a will for a fraction of the cost and effort typically associated with Will-writing.

Currently over 50% of Australian adults and almost 60% of parents do not have a valid Will in place. This can lead to significantly adverse social outcomes, and can cost families thousands of dollars and hours and stress.

We want to change that. We have an amazing team of highly experienced ex lawyers, venture capitalists and advisers that guide the company, and have a culture that is built off having fun while working hard.

We recently completed our first round of fundraising, completing a $1m round.
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Senior Software Developer (Australia only)

Posted 7 months ago

Fantastic start-up opportunity for experienced full stack developer!

We are looking for an experienced full stack developer to join our team and help building out the tech side of the business.