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we predict the past - data for physical places



Vinoo Ganesh

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CTO @Veraset, Former Developer Lead at @Palantir Technologies, Studied CS + Finance at @Washington University in Saint Louis

Kara Sheldon

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Lauren Spiegel

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Vice President of Product at SafeGraph

Ryan Chang

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Customer Success @SafeGraph

Jason Richman

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Global revenue and new customer acquisition. Currently BD/Sales @SafeGraph , previously @Metamarkets

Tenzing Shaw

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Worked at LiveRamp

Piotr Kozikowski

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Software Engineer at LiveRamp

Jason Cook

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VP Business Development at SafeGraph. I love building customer facing teams that exceed expectations.
CEO @SafeGraph . fmr CEO and fndr: @LiveRamp.

Ryan Fox Squire

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Product @SafeGraph • Data Scientist @Lumosity • 1st employee at @Prophecy Sciences YC'13 • Stanford • Oberlin

Stephanie Lathrop

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Worked at SafeGraph

Former team

Brent Perez

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Takashi Yonebayashi

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Drew Goldfarb

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Charles Blanchet

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Jillian Kushner

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Simon Yu

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