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Software Engineer - Data

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Veraset, a division of SafeGraph, is looking for a Data Engineer to build, scale, and monitor pipelines that process hundreds of terabytes of geospatial data daily, to join our fast-growing team.

Veraset is a well funded, early-stage, profitable startup in the data-as-a-service space. You'll be reporting directly to the CTO.

Who you are:

  • You are excited about the idea of leveraging open-source and proprietary technologies to build massive pipelines that process billions of rows of geo-location data
  • You want to join a well funded, profitable, early stage data startup
  • You have a strong GTD mindset and problems in an effective and scalable way
  • You can work and communicate effectively with technical and non-technical colleagues
  • You don’t need supervision to thrive - you think in first principles, know the right questions to ask, and can develop and execute on a vision

What you’ve done:

  • You’ve spent 2-4 years experience in a technical role at a cutting-edge technology company
  • You have a strong engineering background in a technical discipline - ideally Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Math, Data Science, or Statistics
  • You’ve built pipelines that process massive amounts - ideally hundreds of TBs - of data in the past and know your storage and analysis technologies well
  • You’ve worked tirelessly to optimize the ETL (extracting, transforming, and loading) pipelines you’ve built and can speak credibly to the challenges and solutions you’ve developed
  • You’ve become comfortable working in one of Java, Scala, or Python
  • You’ve worked with distributed system, cloud technologies, and open-source technologies like Spark, Cassandra, Kafka, Elastic Search, Airflow, Hadoop
  • You actually know SQL

What you’ll do:

  • Help architect, create, manage, and optimize Veraset’s massive, geospatial, data pipeline
  • Build analytics around the core pipeline to provide actionable insights into key metrics such as customer acquisition, data insight generation, or operational efficiency
  • Dive-deep into the data to gain key insights and proposed scope expansions to grow our business
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with our customer, sales, and product teams
  • Identify, design, and implement internal process improvements: automating manual processes, optimizing data delivery, re-designing infrastructure for greater scalability, etc...
  • Work with our leadership to help craft the direction of the data and architecture at Veraset
  • Contribute to building out the software engineering team at Veraset
  • Own your destiny - Investigate, propose, and action your ideas to help us achieve our potential as a business

Who we are:

  • Veraset is a B2B company that sells data to data scientists and machine learning engineers
  • Our mission is to gather, curate, and deliver high-quality data to innovators in the Fortune 10, startups, and the public sector. Customers have used our data to:

    • Aid in disaster relief
    • Inform equity trading decisions
    • Determine how far people will travel to restaurants based on type of cuisine
    • Select ideal real estate sites
    • Create advertising audiences
    • Quantify the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
    • In-app personalization
    • City Planning
  • Veraset is affiliated with SafeGraph. SafeGraph raised a $20 million Series A in 2017 and is profitable

  • We’re a remote-friendly company with team members in San Francisco, New York City, Salt Lake City. We have full offices in NYC (Tribeca) and SF (SoMa). We get the entire company together in the same place every month.
    How we think about the world:

  • SafeGraph Vision and Values

  • Open Information to Power Innovation

  • Where Should Machines go to Learn

  • Data-As-A-Service Bible: Everything You Wanted to Know About Running DaaS Companies
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