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SaaStr is the largest community in the world for founders, executives and VCs that work with web products that sell to business ("SaaS"). We have a small team that delivers an amazing mix of venture investments, conferences, and community.

We're looking for someone with a cooperative, can-do attitude to own the following:

~25% of time manage 15,000 sq ft office in Potrero Hill.

~25% of time work on managing calendar, scheduling, a handful of meetings a day and 100+ emails a day for one busy exec. This includes setting up a bunch of meetings each week, generally with founders and senior executives, and also generating daily to-do lists from 100+ emails and prioritizing them.

~15% of the time helping support marketing and social media efforts. We have over 150,000 highly engaged followers and over 3,500,000 views a month on our blog and other media.

~35% of time supporting events in many ways. From supporting vendors to speakers and more. We do multiple events, and one big one -- The SaaStr Annual '17 in San Francisco which will have over 10,000 SaaS founders attending from all around the world. See saastrannual.com

What we want:

Someone that can just jump in and own the above.
Someone that is very detailed oriented. I can't have missed meetings, or poor follow-up, no matter what your strengths are otherwise.
Someone that can prioritize (with help). The above adds up to 100%, but really, it's 125%. That's OK. But I need you to force rank things.
Someone that is fun to work with and enjoys social media and start-ups.
Someone that can comfortably work in a professional environment (investing in start-ups) and also a more start-up-y environment (helping to manage our community and events).

What isn't a good fit:

You like big company stuff, like "Supporting Mr / Ms Big." That's not me or us.
You are too passive. I need you to own the above.
You don't know what start-ups are. That's OK, but pls learn somewhere else.
You don't use social media tools of some sort. You don't need to know Twitter or Wordpress -- yet -- but you do need to use a lot of web tools and apps and be generally proficient and comfortable here.
You don't just make things magically happen on the office management side of the job. It's not that much work. But the office needs to just "work" invisibly, like magic.

What's good for you and about the job:

You get to work some extremely committed, passionate, and successful folks.
We have a really cool, clean, neat office in Portreto Hill in a 100+ year old distillery in a great neighborhood (design district).
You can learn. More about start-ups, about marketing, about events, about teamwork. If you want.
We're grateful. We really appreciate great people.

N.B.:: If you are interested, >> please << :

Check out SaaStr.com and SaaStrFund.com and SaaStrAnnual.com and CoSellingSpace.com. These are what we do. Yes, it's a lot with a very few people.

Also check us out on Quora and Twitter under SaaStr.

>>>>>>> THEN, with your resume, send me a paragraph or so telling me what you think of SaaStr.com and SaaStrAnnual.com. What do you think of our our events, our blog, our tweets, our investments, whatever. And what you think we could do better. And what you think works well.

IF you don't send your thoughts, your application will not be read and will be deleted.


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The Web's #1 Community for SaaS Founders and Executives

Their company has offices in San Francisco. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.saastr.com

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