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Multilingual Omnichannel Conversational AI Platform

Multilingual Omnichannel Conversational AI Platform

We are here for the Digital Inclusion of billions of Non-English users.

There are 2.4 Bn Non-English speakers besides Chinese.

We help enterprises converse with them, in their language,across all digital channels and IVR.

Our Conversational Understanding Engine is built from 22 different language models, senses 20 cognitive signals and responds as per current dialog state.

We use this technology to power multilingual virtual/AI assistants who automate 80% of your operations.

We have built a low code platform on our engine. It allows anyone to build, test and deploy an MVP in a day, without specializing in NLP.

19% Contact Centers have human bilingual support while 52% think that the Non-English queries will rise over the next 3 years.

Hence, we offer Agent Augment and Conversation Analytics for Live Reps and CX Managers.

Customer engagement redefined with multilingual AI!

We are uniquely positioned to occupy a $18.2 BN market (2024). Competitiors have 5% of the market today.
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