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Next-Gen Enroute Universal API Gateway: Kubernetes Ingress & Standalone

Next-Gen Enroute Universal API Gateway: Kubernetes Ingress & Standalone

Cloud, DevOps, Kubernetes, Gateway Mesh, Greenfield and Brownfield - what if one product could do it all: dzone.com/articles/gateway-mesh We do it way better than our competition, and we do it for free: hackernoon.com/why-every-api-needs-a-clock-4n5h3y1n Plug your (Kubernetes Ingress or Standalone) API Gateway into OpenAPI Spec: hackernoon.com/how-to-radically-simplify-operations-by-plugging-your-api-gate… If you want to take our product for spin, here is a quick-start: dzone.com/articles/rate-limited-on-enroute-envoy-proxy OR getenroute.io/cookbook/getting-started-advanced-rate-limiting Turn your OpenAPI Spec into declarative Policy, and drive continuous enforcement to the spec - thenewstack.io/shadow-apis-breaking-your-security-the-enroute-api-gateway-cou… Why Enroute Universal API Gateway? survivejs.com/blog/enroute-interview Deep integration with OSS telemetry - getenroute.io/blog/leverage-open-source-oss-derive-insights-grafana-prometheu… The main project page: getenroute.io

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