Crowd-Sourced Peer-To-Peer Mobility Networks / Co-Creating Mobility 3.0

Crowd-Sourced Peer-To-Peer Mobility Networks / Co-Creating Mobility 3.0

We specialise in the prototyping, piloting and market deployment of crowd-sourced mobility solutions linking data, persons, things, vehicles and infrastructures.

Our Mobility 3.0 portfolio includes:

* Crowd-Sourced On-street Parking Exchange Platforms
* Smart Route Optimisation for Accessible Mobility
* Turnkey Electro-Mobility eBike and Car-Sharing Networks
* IoT Low-Energy Urban Networks for Indoor Navigation in Stations & Point-to-Point Mobility
* Travel Planner and e-Ticketing Platforms for Multi-Modal Networks and MaaS
* Advanced HV and MV Switchgears for Railways and Public Transport
* Real-Time Route Optimisation for Emergency & Special Vehicles

Our name? We find inspiration in Etelätär, the Daughter of the Southern Rain, the Goddess bringing water to thirsty people in summertime according to the Kalevala – the Finnish national epic -, one of the most beautiful sagas ever put in paper.

Learn more about our full range of solutions at etelatar.com.
Founder & CEO @ETELÄTÄR INNOVATION. A serial entrepreneur, he dreams of a world in which mobility is driven by individual demand and not by political choice.

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