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Callout for Talent

Callout for Talent

RYSE – Callout for Talent

Available on iOS and Android

Brands, labels, artists, and other organizations utilize RYSE to engage their customers, capture eyeballs, create user-generated content, collaborate, and work with artists on projects.

RYSE brings opportunities to musicians that help them level up their careers. Whether it is connecting with other talented artists or submitting to opportunities that can only be found on RYSE, we are dedicated to helping the talented succeed.

RYSE makes it easy for artists to create short-form videos designed to help them show off their talents, discover other artists to work with, build valuable relationships, seize opportunities, and to make connections.

Creating new connections within the creative industry has never been easier. RYSE is working to level the playing field by providing a tool that gives our users direct access to opportunities, to other artists and record industry professionals around the world.

Our dedication to helping create opportunities for musicians to connect and level up is the driving force as to why we created RYSE.

RYSE is at the forefront of video Callout™ technology by providing an app that allows users to foster connections and seize opportunities through video Callouts™.


Nathan Chandra

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