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When was the last time you paid a bill by sending somebody a paper check? [...pause...] That's what we thought. You can't remember when, because you deal with it on a credit card and have auto debit set up. Now, if you're a small business (think bike shop, book store, physical therapist, flower stand, pet store, … ) owner, inventory-buyer, accountant, etc, your answer probably would have been very different: Yesterday. Tomorrow. Every day.

B2B commerce is rapidly catching up with consumer commerce — it's moving online — but the payments infrastructure for net10, net30, net60, net90 (the backbone of inventory buying businesses) doesn't exist otherwise. Rumbleship is that backbone. Series Seed funded, turning real dollars since launch in 2016.

We believe that B2B tools should be as clean, clear, and usable as consumer tools, and we believe that the best way to build this is to have a team from all walks of life. Your experience with the buying is different from anybody else’s experience with buying, and it is critical to have a diversity of opinions to build the best tooling there is. Come build the last interesting thing in e-commerce.