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Wearable technology for a superhuman workforce


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Matthew Goldman

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Co-Founder of Rufus Labs, MIT Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

MiLA Capital

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We fill a vacuum in the hard tech ecosystem and help hardware founders get unstuck

Shaun Arora

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Active angel and hardware VC focused on Pre-A companies. Goal: Be the most helpful investor on the cap table. Bullish on Los Angeles + Hardware.

Carmen Palafox

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Business leader who has proven ability in strategic planning and project management.

Elo Comfort

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Noramay Cadena

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Co-founder & Managing Director @MiLA Capital hardware accel, 3 degrees @MIT, prev @Boeing, co-founder & prev ED of non-profit empowering women via STEM outreach

Roger Wagner

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Software designer, programmer, former owner of rare book auction house, private pilot, active in K-12 educational technology.
Co-founder of Rufus Labs, a wearable tech company gearing up to revolutionize wrist real estate.    

Travis LaBerge

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Co-Founder, VP Operations at Rufus Labs • Studied at @Lehigh University
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