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Rohit Bansal

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COO, SnapDeal

Kunal Bahl

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CEO, SnapDeal Snapdeal is India's largest online marketplace and is the company my friend, Rohit Bansal and I started.

Rohit Chokhani

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Founder of EASY Home Finance Limited, Founded White Unicorn Ventures. Delivered Real Estate Space of 15 Million Sq ft+, 20+ million under implementation.

Punit K Goyal

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Founder PLG Clean Energy Projects • Studied at @Harvard Business School @London School of Economics @PLG Clean Energy Projects @Drivezy @Carcrew. CEO at EVEH

Nikunj Jain

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Strong business instincts, understands human motivations, hacker atttitude, salesguy on outside, spiritual inside, love life & intelligent/wise humans