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Sr. Algorithm Engineer

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At Routific we’re helping hundreds of businesses around the globe save time and fuel with route optimization. We solve the notoriously difficult (NP-hard) Vehicle Routing Problem. If you haven’t heard of this before, it is way more challenging than its better-known cousin, the Traveling Salesman Problem.

Our mission? To make route optimization accessible to every last-mile delivery company. Like the companies we help, our team is committed to being as efficient and lean as possible. Named one of Fast Company’s “World Changing Ideas”, we are creating a more sustainable world by reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our offices are in beautiful downtown Vancouver with sweeping views of the North Shore mountains and Burrard Inlet.

We believe employee happiness brings team productivity. Company perks include: extended health benefits plan, free gym membership, unlimited vacation policy, working remotely, education budget for conferences and workshops, top-of-the-line Apple hardware, latest phones with generous data plans, electric sit/standing desks, and the state-of-the art Herman Miller Aeron chairs. We also cover relocation expenses and sponsor work permits!

You can learn more about our culture here: keyvalues.com/routific.


The Routific Engine is at the core of the value we provide to our customers, which in turn will have a major green impact on our planet. You will be working on the core algorithms that make up the Routific Engine by improving its performance, adding more features, and increasing the quality of the routes we generate for our customers.

As a Sr. Algorithm Engineer, you will be working closely with four other members of the Engine team:

You will analyze vast amounts of data to identify the most impactful thing to work on
You will design creative solutions to extremely difficult algorithm problems
You will rapidly test hypothesis of novel algorithms and heuristics to validate ideas
You will implement well-tested ideas into production according to engineering best practices
You will contribute to the definition of those engineering best practices


We’re building a world-class, product-first organization and assembling the right team. This opportunity is a perfect fit for someone who craves and thrives by extremely challenging algorithmic work, while also caring deeply about the application of algorithms and making a real impact to our customers.

If you are embarrassingly passionate about the union of Operations Research, Algorithms, Data structures, Statistics, Math, NP-hard problems, Metaheuristics, and Computer Science, you would love this job.


- 5+ years of team-based professional experience as a backend engineer (Rust, Node.js, Kubernetes)
- can comfortably navigate algorithm discussions across various levels of abstraction: clear and concise for non-technical people, deeply technical (e.g. time and space complexity) with your fellow engineers.
- a creative problem-solver who can come up with novel out-of-the-box algorithms
- experience architecting, building, and testing complex scalable systems
- understands and can weigh complicated, but relevant trade-offs
- T-shaped: generalist by nature, but love to get real deep into particular areas of algorithm development

Extra bonus points if you’re also:

- academically trained in the fields of Operations Research, Math, or Physics (PhD, MSc)
- a polyglot by nature (besides Javascript, we also use Rust and Common Lisp)
- opinionated and outspoken on engineering best practices, but can still maintain friends
- love mentoring, leading, and assisting other engineers
- have an uncanny ability to predict the future (and build robust, long-lasting software)
- code for fun and are a true hacker at heart


- Have one-on-ones with all of our employees to know the team you work with
- Understand the company strategy and vision on the high-level, so you understand how your work contributes to the bigger picture of the company
- Deeply understand the algorithm tech stack: the history, the current state, and the direction of the stack
- Be a fully contributing member of the team on their existing projects and shipping code to production
- Have a detailed conversation with your coach to map out your career plan


- Contribute to quarterly OKR goal setting by providing your analysis of the data, and advocating for the direction of the Engine Team.
- Lead algorithm development initiatives that will impact our entire user base
- Contribute to the continuous evolution of team-level engineering best practices
- Progress towards your personal career goals


- See the effect of moving company-level KPIs through the contribution of your team
- Start taking on significant chunks of ownership (in whatever realm you’re most interested in)
- Contribute to the long-term strategy and direction of the Routific Engine
- Share deep knowledge in your domain with your team members
- Mentor junior engineers

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Mathematics BA from UC Berkeley, Full Stack Web Developer
Software engineer at Routific - Founder AllCa.rs • Worked at @University of British Columbia • Studied at @Ecole Polytechnique

Scott Justason

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Developer, Leader, Business Analyst, DevOps Engineer. Passionate about using technology to solve real-world challenges.

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