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A fun way to explore and share travel guides

A fun way to explore and share travel guides

Routes is a content marketplace where you can find city guides in a new and exciting format. Users share their favourite spots by linking them together to one practical and unique travel guide, called a Route.The routes are curated by the users and voted on by the community.

In addition to let the user creatively form guides, we supply lots of third-party content (Instagram, Foursquare, Yelp and Google) to give an extensive impression of every place. A problem with many travel apps is that they are too general purpose, and gives too many options, which often results in churn. Routes' only purpose is to conceptualise giving travel recommendations in a great and fun way, but we happen to solve the travel planning pain on top.

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Real Madrid, Livin' lean and like to build product users love.
UI/UX Designer
Web/Business Analyst in finn.no, background in marketing and business.

Michael Gunnulfsen

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Co-Founder @Routes • Worked at @appear-in, @FINN.no, @Accenture, @BEKK Consulting • Studied at @Berkeley, @Masters In Computer Science