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Educating the world, one question at a time



Adam Rosh

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Humbled Emergency Medicine Physician and sleep-deprived CEO of Rosh Review, the leading board review software for graduate medical education.


Stephen Deutsch

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UI/UX Designer with a passion for creating simple, usable, and attractive user interfaces that help solve human problems.

Aaron Gerdes

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Motivated, organized, and resourceful full-stack developer with product and executive experience.
Award-winning sales and marketing leader at Merck. Data-driven growth specialist bringing large industry and start-up experience with the grit to win!
Experienced sales associate and account manager.

Rob Cole

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Startup founder, full-stack developer and technical product manager.

Anthony To

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Mike Sanders

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Proven record of helping companies grow profitably as an individual contributor and sales leader. Accomplished in solving business problems with technology.

Sean Michael

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Former team