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Identity Resolution

Identity Resolution

Roq.ad’s mission is to create an EU centric Cross-Device. Our technology creates an accurate and up to date “map” of (almost) all digital devices used in a specific country. Linking all these devices correctly to individuals and households creates a rich “Identity Graph” powering the open Internet .

Roq.ad uses deterministic and probabilistic methods including proprietary algorithms and machine learning technology to (i) identify users across devices and channels with a high degree of accuracy, (ii) match all devices used by one individual to that specific user/household, (iii) build deep and broad user/household profiles, and (iv) predict user/household purchase behavior. Roq.ad follows a "privacy by design" approach with all of its products, processes, and teams. Roq.ad is compliant with German as well as European privacy regulations (certified by ePrivacy Seal GmbH as being GDPR-ready).

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