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Facebook for Fashion

Roposo is a fashion-focused social networking website. An year ago, we pledged, to become India’s first unique fashion discovery platform for women and today, they call us Google of Indian fashion market. Speaking of team, we are a bunch of sleep deprived, daydreaming youngsters constantly looking for a way out of the rat-race. Our team consists of witty and creative brains from India's top institutions. We function in 3 troupes; Beautiful coders (they believe life isn't bad, it is in BETA), Fashion geeks (they will never miss the details) and Mad ad-men (they will rope you into things before you know it). We place our faith in versatile individuals and go-getters. If you see yourself fitting well in a pack where people stay up all night watching sitcoms/movies and still show up in the morning with crazy ideas to work on, we'll welcome you with our arms wide open.

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