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Roostoo is a simulated mock crypto exchange for beginners to learn about crypto investing without risking their money, and experienced traders to practice trading strategies with real-time market data.

Our product: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roostoo.roostoo&hl=en_US

1. Real-Time: Price updates. Live and historical price charts with instant market movements. Test investing strategies live without needing to spend real money.

2. Risk-Free: Roostoo provides a safe, realistic environment for people to climb the crypto learning curve at zero cost.

3. Instant Ownership: To start off, users will receive 50,000 virtual USD in their mock portfolios. Place buy and sell orders just like on an actual exchange. Order History that shows a comprehensive record of your trading activities.

4. Mock Trading Competitions: Invite and challenge your friends in mock trading competitions. Just like Fantasy Football, have fun competing to see who’s the better investor.

5. Mock Leverage Trading: Real-life leveraged trading too risky? No worries, use Roostoo to practice leveraged trading at no cost for free! Your time invested practicing could get your 100 times return in real markets.

We are a passionate team based in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, currently seeking for like-minded individuals who possess following qualities to join our team: Growth Mindset, Good Work Ethics, Team Player, Curious and Inquisitive.

Early employees will have an opportunity to obtain early equity.
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Business Development Intern/ Part-Time

Posted 7 months ago

Responsible for business development, digital marketing and app growth.

Looking for candidates with the following qualities: responsible, hard-working, entrepreneurial and integrable.

Software Engineer

Flutter Front-End Developer

Posted 3 months ago
  • Understand and maintain the current mobile product tech stack - [https://www.roostoo.com]
  • Develop and integrate new features using Flutter
Software Engineer

Backend Server Engineer

Posted 3 months ago

• Design core, backend software components
• Code using common programming languages
• Try best practices and improve efficiency, scalability, and concurrency of the backend system
• High standards for code convention and code review

Basic Qualifications
• Project experienc...