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Simulated Crypto Trading App + Blockchain/Crypto Data Provider

Simulated Crypto Trading App + Blockchain/Crypto Data Provider

Our B2C product is a simulated crypto exchange with a clean UX mobile application (both Android and iOS) that offers users a platform to practice and test trading strategies.

Our product: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roostoo.roostoo&hl=en_US

Our B2B product will include market data API service, providing end-users, traders, market makers, liquidity providers, and analysts real-time data fetched across major cryptocurrency exchanges, on-chain and off-chain token sources.

Our customers include B2C: retail crypto users, individual crypto traders; B2B: crypto funds and relevant market research entities.

Flutter Front-End Developer

Backend Server Engineer

Business Development Intern/ Part-Time

Experienced with Blockchain, Data Modeling, E-Commerce, Fintech. Went to University of Southern California.