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Democratizing Cell and Tissue Engineering

Democratizing Cell and Tissue Engineering

Technology is rapidly moving toward the integration of biologics into everything from cell therapies, engineered tissues, bio-robotics, nanotechnology, implantable devices, 3D printing, DIY kits, and even toys. This coming decade will see the incorporation of living cells into all these platforms and others not yet imagined. To expedite this biologics revolution, inventors, developers and suppliers will require a limitless, standardized, low-cost supply of cells. RoosterBio intends to be that name-brand supplier.

Our products are affordable, high volume, easy-to-integrate living cellular materials (e.g., Mesenchymal Stem Cells or MSCs) with specialty media in product formats that reduce the cost of product development and accelerate commercialization. We have designed our stem cell products to greatly simplify the process of incorporating living cellular technologies into products, medical or otherwise. RoosterBio will accelerate the development of the cell-based BioEconomy.

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Uplaksh Sant Kumar

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Founded RoosterBio. Worked for Life technologies, Lonza and QIAGEN. PhD Maryland, business Wharton.

Jon Rowley

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Founder @RoosterBio • Worked @BD, @Lonza • Studied @University of Michigan • Personal goal: have the biggest possible impact on the commercialization of cell-based technology