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Largest multiplatform network for shared housing

Largest multiplatform network for shared housing

Founded in 2003 by entrepreneurs John Shriber and Roman Zaks, Roomster is the world’s largest multi-platform social network for connecting roommates looking to rent or sublet rooms, apartments, and flats. With less than $5K in seed funding, Shriber began to expand on the vision, build up the customer service platform and create the marketing strategy, while simultaneously, Zaks developed and engineered the platform. Roomster is available in more than 192 countries across six continents. The company has had over 10 million users to date connecting people across its multi-patform channels. With now more than 400 thousand new users signing up every month, Roomster continues to be safest and most efficient way to both find short and long term shared housing. Roomster is located in NYC’s Tribeca.

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