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Hotels price automatically now Airbnb hosts can too

Techincal Co-Founder (Airbnb, Big-Data, Real-Estate)

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The Sharing-Economy:

Over the past ten years, the power of technology has unlocked the idling capacity and value of all kinds of assets, from sharing skills to spaces to material possessions, in ways and on a scale unlike any other. This fast-growing sector is called the sharing economy.

We share our homes on Airbnb, our cars on WhipCar and our offices on Wework. We are trading and sharing everything but the core technology that should run these marketplaces around the world doesn’t exist. It’s a 300 billion dollar problem... and we’re developing the solution.

Company Info:

RoomDots is a venture conquering one of the most fundamental problems all marketplaces face today: how to set the right price at the right time. RoomDots has invented the first real-time dynamic pricing system for short-term rentals (Airbnb). As such, we have collected a diverse set of numerical, textual, visual, and unstructured data to power various data products, such as real-time dynamic pricing and market intelligence reports; assisting greatly in enhancing our users' experiences and revenue.

As we move forward, we will be utilizing our proprietary technology, machine learning, and domain expertise to pivot our company into a new real-estate tech venture that will service a multi-billion dollar industry.

The Culture

There is much more that we want to build and so much that we could improve. We value strong engineers who are agile enough to jump into most projects.

We move fast! Every engineer deploys on their first day — and every day after that too. We use Amazon Web Services and practice continuous deployment so we can quickly try out new ideas and iterate on existing product features, and we love experimenting with new technology if it's right for the job. Not only do we ride the cutting edge, we make it!

The opportunity:

As a technical co-founder, you will have the opportunity to leverage our rich dataset and proprietary technology to develop our new MVP product that can be used by millions of users to propel the growth of our business.

You will collaborate with a strong team of engineers, product managers and our data scientists in defining the frontier of new data products in matching marketplaces.

You will assist with designing and implementing our new state-of-the-art data pipeline currently being designed by AWS's architecture team.

This co-founder position is unpaid until we've completed critical milestones and raised our first round of funding (est. 3 months)

Here are some qualifications we look for:

3+ years of industry experience developing distributed systems that can scale.

3+ years of industry experience working with data pipelines and analyzing data at scale.

Deep understanding of modern "big data" technologies and their underpinning.

Experience building decentralized microservices

Proven track record to tailor development solutions to business problems in a cross-functional team.

Big data tools: HBase, Hive, Elasticsearch/ELK, Flink, Druid, Zeppelin

Database: Postgrsql (Current), Nosql, MongoDB, DyanmoDB, Athena, Bigquery

Languages: Python (Required), Go, Javascript

Other: Django, Flask, Swagger, Hadoop

Experience working with SQL-like languages.

Prior experience working with AWS.

Prior experience working with AWS Lambda, Kafka, Kinesis, EMR, DynamoDB, AWS Glue a strong plus.

Computer science degree from reputable institution a plus but not required.

Prior experience building data lakes is a huge plus

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role
Founder @ReRented, Previously founded @RoomDots which created the first dynamic pricing system for STR's (Airbnb).

RoomDots at a glance

Hotels price automatically now Airbnb hosts can too

RoomDots focuses on Real Estate, Rental Housing, Online Rental, and Sharing Economy. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.roomdots.com or find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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