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CMO / Lead Visual & Brand Designer for Real-Estate / Hospitality startup.

ReRented & Design:

By combining the standards of a boutique hotel with all the comforts of home, we’re creating a completely new travel experience. We strive to deliver a consistently exceptional experience every time.

Software Engineer

Techincal Co-Founder (Airbnb, Big-Data, Real-Estate)

The Sharing-Economy:

Over the past ten years, the power of technology has unlocked the idling capacity and value of all kinds of assets, from sharing skills to spaces to material possessions, in ways and on a scale unlike any other. This fast-growing sector is called the sharing economy.


Chief Data Scientist / Machine Learning

Posted 9 months ago

The Data Science team helps navigate RoomDots through uncharted waters. We turn hard data (60 billion data points) into useful insights and compelling stories and products.