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Hotels price automatically now Airbnb hosts can too

Hotels price automatically now Airbnb hosts can too

RoomDots is focused on pricing short-term rentals automatically, just like hotels dynamically price their rooms.

Unlike hotels that have a fixed number of rooms at any given time, short-term rentals supply is not constrained and can change up or down rapidly. This fact makes it impossible for a host to price efficiently themselves and makes setting a fixed price risky. We have an amazing opportunity to fundamentally change an industry and bring new pricing technology to hosts, rental marketplaces, booking providers, property managers and more.

As we forecast the growth of this industry, we are excited to see that all signals point towards rapid growth in the short and long term. Just take a look at AirBnB who is setting a new valuation at $30BN, representing a sharp increase over previous years.

Case Studies that we have performed in real-time show us that there is a potential to increase per-listing rates significantly, as high as 73% in some cases.

Techincal Co-Founder (Airbnb, Big-Data, Real-Estate)

Chief Data Scientist / Machine Learning

Founder @ReRented, Previously founded @RoomDots which created the first dynamic pricing system for STR's (Airbnb).