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AI tool to predict diseases

AI tool to predict diseases

Rolyte AI tool built with Artificial Intelligence to accurately predict diseases.

This tool can
1) take in critical and relevant medical records of the patients concerned with the specific disease in the scope. The output is a positive or negative result (such as present/absent or benign/malignant)
2) be used as a general health indicator/predictor. The medical records of a patient could be entered into the system, and with respect to those records, status on several diseases could be predicted at once, depending on the relevance of the records.
3) Medical records of multiple patients could also be entered into the system as a file.

Rolyte AI based systems can help collate the test reports of patients, aid diagnosis by deriving results from the patient’s data and medical records of similar symptoms. Our model can discover doubtful cases , which can then be referred to further diagnosis by the specialist.

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