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Tabletop RPG Tools

Tabletop RPG Tools

Roll For Guild wants to bring people to the RPG table, and we aim to make playing RPG table top games as easy as possible. To reach that goal we're looking at ways to make it as easy as possible for players to find groups, groups to find players, players to build characters, and GMs to build and run oneshots/modules/campaigns. Presently we're building a range of tools from character creators and basic generators to one shot generation and campaign management with a focus on Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. In the future we hope to incorporate as many rule systems as possible (Pathfinder, GURPS, Warhammer, 7th Sea, Ravaged Worlds, World of Darkness, FATE, and many many more).

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with experience in several programming languages.

T. Quigley Malcolm

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My home turf: APIs, CLIs, databases, automation. I strive to work on projects that make the world a better place.